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March 31 2015

Happy Tuesday!!! I know I really haven't been posting for ages but I have excuses:
Sunday: I was going to a friend house at 9 in the morning
Monday: I didn't get back till 7 and I was really tired.

Any way happy Easter all of those who celebrate it!!! I won't be posting again until.. I actually don't know when. I am going to Sydney for Easter tomorrow and won't be able to post and I don't know when I get back. It should be around the 5th... but I don;t really know! 

-the artistic soup

March 27 2015

So, OMG it's the end if term 1 which means it's holidays!!!!!!!! WHOOHOO, I am so excited!!!
Anyway today I am gonna give you guys some tips on doodling! I love doodling, t's my favorite type of drawing (I am terrible at realistic) so here a 3 useful tips:
1. Get inspired. You can either totally make up the design or upu can base it of another drawing you like, just give it your own interpretations.
2. What you use. I like to go straight in with a pen but if you are unsure you can pencil it all our first.
3. Just let it out. Don;t think to much, put your ideas down. If you end up with a really cool idea but you're not happy with how the one you drew turned out just try again!

-the artistic soup
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March 26 2015

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March 25 2015

I wanted today's post to be about Polymer Clay because I love that stuff and so many people don't know about it.
What is it?
Pretty much it is clay, but instead of putting it in a kiln (if I spelt that right) you can bake it in an ordinary oven which makes it so much more accessible for people who don't have the huge amount of money to spend on a kiln (i.e me).
How do you bake it?
As I said you just bake it in a kitchen oven. To do so you just line a backing tray with grease proof paper and place the creations on top. Then you put it in the oven (the temperature and amount of time is different for each brand). Then once it had baked, leave it to cool before handling.
Are there different brands?
Yes there are heaps of brands. If you are just starting polymer clay and giving it a go I would recommend one of the cheap brands, these aren't very good quality but it is just to find out if you like it. My personal favorite is Scupley but it is completely up to the individual.
Where can you get it?
You can get it at craft stores, Micheal's (we don;t have it in Australia but from my knowledge it does) and of course online.
What do you actually do with it?
You make things! This can range from charms, to key rings, to anything else. To make a these you just pop in an eyepin before you bake and then attach to a key chain, a necklace or anything else you feel like.
I hope to do some more on Polymer Clay on the future!

-the artistic soup

March 24 2015

I wasn't sure what to post today so I thought I might just complain because I seem to do that really well.
Today it was 13.C which is so cold and two days ago it was 30.C and I was so cold and the whole day it was raining and now I am so cold...
Also I had a music assignment due today as-well as a maths test on primes, composites, factor and square roots (which i got an A on btw, whoop whoop) and tomorrow I have an English vocab test on Alice and Wonderland which we have been reading through out the term and on Thursday I have a day off YAYYYY!! and then on Friday I have a science test on States of Matter. But then it is holidays which is so good because I really need a holiday so badly and even though it is only one term in I am so tired and sick of home work.
And I am now addicted to Papa's Donuteria. I know I should have grown our of it but those games are so fun and I love it so much and yeah, I know I sound like a 5 year old but I don't care!
That's enough complaining for today!

-the artistic soup

March 23 2015

Today is another tutorial or tips or something a rather day so I thought I might give you some tips on doing to splits. I am certainly not flexible but I can do the splits because I stretched and stretched and was really determined to get them. I have watched so many videos and been to so many websites for tips on getting into the splits,  so I have put together my most useful tips for you guys today!
1. Warm up. This can be down by going for a jog or dancing around the house to your favorite song. If you are lazy like me, just have a shower as this warms up all of your muscles so you are all ready to stretch.
2. Wear socks. Wearing socks will instantly get you further into splits because it prevents you from gripping on to the floor. It should also help prevent nasty carpet burns that you get when you wear no socks.
3. Practice over splits. Even if you can't do normal splits practicing over splits is a really useful way to get further into splits. To do this get a couple of books or a stretching brick (these can be found online, at a foam shop or dancing shops) and place it under you front foot.
4. Stretch every day. The more you stretch the faster you will get your splits. Having one day off every so often won't matter but not stretching for too long or too often isn't going to do you any good do try to be consistent.
5. Stretch on both legs. Even if you just want to do your right leg splits also stretch your left as well. When you split it doesn;t just involve flexibility on the leg that is in front. This will also help with your other leg splits with out even trying.
6. Do a vertical split. I personally found these really useful so what you need to do is to go up against the wall and put on leg on the wall. You need to put your dominate foot still on the floor and you should be looking at it. then push your other leg up as far as you can until it stretches. If you can do the splits you should be able to do this it probably doesn't make much sense how I tried to describe it).
Any way, I hope these tips help get your splits a bit faster!

-the artistic soup

March 22 2015

I am back! In case you are wondering I wasn't posing because i went away to the country for the weekend so I didn't have internet. You never realize how much you love your WiFi until you don't have it for the whole weekend :(

March 19 2015

Also just letting you know, I wouldn't be posting again until Sunday! 

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March 18 2015

I wanted to give you guys some writing tips because I love writing so these tips really help me:
1. Just write. Spell check, edit and read over your work later, just get all of your ideas down.
2. If your are writing your story, save as you go. There is nothing worse than losing all of your work.
3. Write the title last. Writing the title first will force you a bout what to write about, and writing it last will give you a better title
4. Plan. Organize your ideas and right down any good ideas that pop into your head.
5. Real life situations can be good. These can give you an exact description of what is happening while you are describing, and some really interesting things can happen to you so write them down!
I really hope these tips help write better stories!

-the artistic soup

March 17 2015

Pretty much this blog is still pretty new so I am going share a bit more information about my self and one thing you should know about me is I love animals so much so I decided to post my top 10 favorite animals!
1. Cats
2. Otters
3. Dolphins
4. Hippopotamus
5. Hedgehogs
6. Dogs
7. Orangutans
8. Foxes
9. Tea cup Pigs
10. Ducks

-the artistic soup

March 16 2015

Today I am going to give you some tips on watercolor painting:
1. Watercolors dry Lighter. When the paint is still wet it will appear darker than when it is dry. If you find your paintings end up looking light an dull use more paint and less water.
2.Test it on Paper. Before you apply the color to your work test it on a scrap piece of paper. This is because other wise you may not get the desired color and once the color is applied it drys really quickly.
3. Use a decent Brush. This is important because it's better to use one good brush rather than having more cheap ones because there is nothing worse than having lose pieces of brush hair all over your work.
I hope these tips are useful for having better watercolor paintings!

-the artistic soup

March 15 2015

Normality is a paved road: it's comfortable to walk on, but no flowers grow on it.
— Vincent Van Gogh

March 14 2015

Yesterday I showed you how to complete the pefect mani but today I am going to show you how to have the perfect nails with my nail care tricks and tips:
1.Remove any old polish with a non acetone nail polish remover; acetone will dry out your nails. 
2.Wash your nails so they are free from any nail polish remover
3.Push back your cuticles. There are many different types of cuticle pushers out there, most commonly metal ones, but I prefer the rubber ones. You can usually find these at your beauty supply store or online. It is so important to NEVER cut your cuticules.The purpose of your cuticles is to keep out nasty germs from infecting your nails but cutting your cuticuls will just open them up allowing germs to jump right in.
4.Trim your nails if you need to. Make sure you only cut of the white bit of your nails, other wise you may begin cutting your skin.
5. File your nails. Cristal nail files are best although they can be really expensive some times so if you don't want to spen to much money on them settle for card board nail files but never use metal nail files as these tear your nails, causing peeling. When you file your nails it is also important to only file them in one direction rather than sawing back and fourth.
6. Apply cuticle oil or cuticle cream. I really like Burt's Bee's Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. I found mine at target but you can usually find them at your local beauty supply store or online.
7. After allowing your cuticle cream to absorb just wipe of any excess oils with a peice of paper towel and just apply your base coat and you are al ready for painting.
I hope this helps getting lovely healthy nails!

-the artistic soup

March 13 2015

So I have decided to do a sort of a weekly planner type of a thing for every day of what I will post on my blog. Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday I will post an artsy tutorial or tip and on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday I will post something else or what ever I am feeling like.
To start with I decided to post this picture of how to get the perfect mani. I find lots of people make the mistake of painting all the way to their cuticle causing to a messy looking manicure. People always think my nails look neat and tidy and the trick to that is to follow the cuticle line (the edge of skin around your nail that attaches the nail to your finger) as a stencil and leave a small gap. Follow the picture below for the perfect mani!

-the artistic soup
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March 12 2015

So I decided that I am going to try and post something everyday, unless I have no time time cause I have to much homework :( Since I have just started my blog I thought I should tell you a bit about my self.
My name is Charlotte and I live in Australia with my Mum, Dad, Sister and three cats, Alfiba, Midnight and Ginger. In my free time I love to draw, paint my nails and create more room decor for my room. My favorite subject is art. I hope this enough information about my self at the moment so I hope to post tomorrow again.

-the artistic soup

March 11 2015

I have decided to try making a blog. Not so sure what to put on it so far but I thought I might add stuff in my free time.
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